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Probability distribution
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The characteristics of 'probability distribution simulator and statistic analysis software'
1Probability distribution simulator

Current other software do not have this function, Creating Code Company has offered selfishless free 30 continuous probability distribution and 6 discontinuous distribution simulator be able to simulate the probability distribution coefficient and probability distribution graphic and the parameter functions contain more than 30 mathematical equations, it is the unparalleled simulator. The simulated joint probability distribution and marginal probability distribution can be demonstrated by 3D graphic and 2D graphic.

2Rapidly and tremendous data generator

Utilize probability distribution simulator can produces sample data which means take probability distribution as population probability distribution and according this probability distribution simulate sample data. It takes 2 minutes to produce maximum 30,000,000 sample data by population probability distribution.

3Simple equipment and economical

Enjoy i-cloud computing and tremendous data analysis by using PC or Notebook contain 4G computer storage and windows 7 or higher windows system.

4Operate easily

All pull-down menu, people finish the code by input optional functions and numbers and complicated operating is unnecessary.

5Co-exist with other programs

It can utilize it with other program simultaneously, users can do editing and typesetting directly while output result has completed.

6Use single function and other function links repeatedly

For example, simple regression analysis has 10 analysis methods, users can process one of them then try other function to compare which analysis method has highly performance.

7Multiple input population distribution method

It offers related population and independent population input methods and the probability distribution simulator usage or sample data production are user-friendly.

8Comprehensive output data

For instance, regression analysis can output each procedure, users can understand each procedure.

9Test statistical sampling distribution to developing test critical value

All critical value are transformed by probability simulator with test statistical sampling distribution to test critical value is accurately not limited by distribution and statistical mathematics.

10Free software and offer Mandarin Chinese service

The software is complimentary, members can have 10 free enquiries per year, and our response via PowerPoint or digital clip. Mandarin Chinese (Traditional) version software is available due to the software was invented and created by Taiwanese.

11 This software has reserved fully copyright which means only for individual use without any form of business activities

Please refer to 'Creating Code Company statistic and operating booklet price' page if any business activities involved. There will be additional charge after January 1, 2016 when updated software available.

12Statistic analysis function are multiple, convenient, superior difficult, highly technology and accurate

Utilize output data or probability distribution simulator to acquire sample data for statistical analysis. Creating Code Company can process probability distribution simulator, the statistical sampling distribution is not a problem neither. 'Probability distribution simulator and statistical analysis software' establish lots of exclusive test statistic and test standard is more adoptable than current used statistic.

1. Without advance mathematical foundation be able to understand statistical processing and concept. Utilize the probability distribution simulator produced sample data to do statistical analysis and understand differentiation among different statistical analysis whatever dependent or independent requirements and unspecified probability distribution limitation (usually use normal distribution). It is more convenient for self-learning and teacher's tutoring.
2. Operating characteristics curve and power function graphic
3. Experiment design (variance analysis) has 10 error distribution and can select and simulate sample data contain lots of illustrations.
4. Regression analysis process curve-straight liner model and normal regression analysis also the best hierarchical linear modeling
5. Multi-variance analysis adopt k variance to establish k x (2k-1-1) straight liner model and establish related model influences on each variance
6. Goodness of fit test has 20 continuous probability distribution and 7 discontinuous probability distribution to be null hypothesis, and find the best parameter via wisdom analysis and find the best mathematical estimated equations to explain the sample data via curve estimation. The estimated equations can produce probability distribution and provide the mathematical equations of explained sample data.
7. Sampling distribution of correlation coefficient test in two correlation population When test population correlation coefficient designated value (the value not equal to zero), Zr test statistic is not symmetrical distribution (Z distribution is symmetrical distribution). Creating Code Company alter to utilize simulator to acquire critical value.
8. Sampling distribution of variance equal test of two kind’s factor Currently, there is no this kind of test statistic. Creating Code Company utilize simulator to acquire critical value.
9. Durbin Watson has no grey area with central limit theorem
10. It can process 'data mining' analysis
11. It can process the 8th layer of Bayesian theorem
  [ Above functions are free ]

13Applicable users

1. Statistic students and other statistic learners, the software can use as self-learning or as an auxiliary software. There is no need to prepare data, it can simulate data by requested probability distribution (data volume up to 30,000,000) to analyze statistic and compare various condition and analysis relation. Without mathematical background to utilize the software to study advance statistics courses, moreover, it can assist students to complete school assessment and presentation report.
2. To do high quality academic research and essay by the software
3. To assist business or enterprise or financial or government department do data analysis and decision making.