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Creating Code Company has developed the 'statistical probability simulation and data analysis' software, this global unparalleled software is capable to handle tremendous data and to design statistical probability software. Creating Code Company's software has strength and characteristics of high technology software which also has massive mathematical analysis capability and computer highly performance.
Creating Code Company's software has divided into two main sections

Probability model software

has 3 partial
1. Design of population probability distribution
2. Design of mathematical transformation
3. Result


Probability distribution simulator & statistical analysis software

Creating Code Company offer free downloading and experiencing high technology ‘cloud computing’, ’artificial intelligence’, ‘cloud data handle capacity’


Creating Code Company service catalogue

We accept to design the
simulate software as following

  • 1simulate software design of statistics and probability and data
       analysis / data prospect of statistics and probability
  • 2simulate software design and data analysis of dynamic data
  • 3simulate software design and data analysis of Bayesian analysis
       method (pretest and posttest distribution amount are no limits)
  • 4Economics, Financial, Insurance, Management and so on business
       dynamic simulate software design and data analysis/prospect
  • 5simulate software design and data analysis of biological statistics
  • 6Software design and data analysis of new statistics probability graphic
       and critical value
  • 7Software design and data analysis of system analysis and
       system integration
  • 8simulate software design and data analysis of quality control
  • 9Analysis of 2D graphic, 3D graphic, dynamic graphic and
       estimate function (curve fitting)
  • 10Electronic and Electronic engineering logical design
  • 11Failure rate analysis
  • 12Other probability related and statistics applying fields

Creating Code Company accept customized software or probability and statistical analysis service.

Creating Code Company provides various customized data analysis and simulate software design to popularize the high technology and high quality with inexpensive price to contribute the society. ’’Creating Code Company’’ provides free pre-planning data analysis and simulate software, customers may purchase after free trial used in order to facilitate the ‘’statistics and probability simulator’’ concept.